The Most Common Food Allergies in Cats with Dr. Jean Hofve 

Dr. Jean also covers Food Allergies in Cats with Dr. Jean Hofve on her site as well as in an article that she wrote on Only Natural Pet 

Today is October 29, 2012 and we are going to talk with Dr. Jean Hofve today about food allergies.  

Food Allergies in Cats with Dr. Jean Hofve

Well if you listen to the veterinary dermatologists and gastroenterologists, actually inhalant allergies are more common 

But the very most common is flea bite allergies, then pollen and dust mites and that kind of stuff, and then food allergies.  

Because food allergies can show up in two places in a cat. They can show up in the GI tract, which can develop into inflammatory bowel disease or even lymphoma 

hat is the number one place that they get itchy, and they can tear that up. There’s no protection, and they get their little back feet on that and just rip it to shreds. 

And of course since they’re using their back feet to scratch it, that’s carrying the fecal bacteria right up there from the cat box 

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Food Allergies in Cats