The Lilac Ragdoll Cat

Lilac Point Ragdoll Cats 

These cats display a white body, with points colored in frosty grey with a pinkish tinge. This is what the term lilac refers to. Please note that this is a technical term used by cat breeding professionals. 

Lilac Lynx Point Ragdoll Cats 

The body of Lilac Lynx Point Ragdolls is colored in glacial white. Their body shading may take various forms, such as ghost striping or ticking. 

Lilac Cream Point Ragdoll Cats 

The specific body color for Lilac Cream Point ragdoll cats is glacial white. Should there be any mottling present, this will be in the shade of the points. 

Lilac Cream Lynx Point Ragdoll Cats 

The body color for Lilac Cream Lynx Point ragdolls is glacial white. In these cats, the body shading might be either ghost-striping or ticking.  

What color is a Lilac Ragdoll? 

While the name may suggest purple, violet, or other flower-like colors, the term lilac refers to a white shade. Lilac is a lavender-pink tone that the cat's white fur presents. 

What does a Lilac Ragdoll cat look like? 

Lilac Ragdolls have glacial white bodies and points colored in frosty grey with pinkish tone bars. 

Are Lilac Ragdoll cats rare? 

Yes, Lilac Ragdolls are actually very rare. In fact, Lilac is the rarest color seen in Ragdoll cats. As you can imagine, this makes Lilac individuals more valuable in breeding and competition.