The Differences of Maine Coon Cats & Ragdoll Cats

These two cat breeds look quite similar. In fact, people often mistake one for the other, but there are some differences in their appearance nonetheless. 

Differences in Appearance

Main Coon males typically weigh 15-25 pounds, while females weigh 10-15 pounds. Ragdoll females also weigh 10-15 pounds on average, while Ragdoll males weigh 15-20 pounds. 

Size and Weight

In terms of size, Main Coon cats are larger. They are usually 10-16 inches tall, while Ragdolls are 9-11 inches tall. However, both breeds are about the same size in length, 35-40 inches.

This is one of the central differences between the two breeds. All Ragdoll cats have bright blue eyes. This is one of their best-known and most appreciated features. 

Eye Color and Shape

Another noticeable difference between their eyes is the shape. Main Coon cats have rounded eyes, while Ragdolls have oval-shaped eyes. 

In terms of shape, Main Coon cats have rectangular-shaped bodies, with thick legs and broad chests. They also have large bushy raccoon-like tails.  

Body Shape

Ragdoll cats have a very particular coat. They have long coats with lush soft fur, but no undercoat. This sets them apart from Maine Coons, which also have long hair, but have a thick undercoat and light overcoat. 


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Maine Coon Cats vs. Ragdoll Cats