The Christmas  Cat of Iceland

Not all Christmas traditions and tales are nice. You may be aware of Krampus, the demonic half-man, half-goat that is a tradition across Europe and has been made famous in some tales.

The Yule Cat sounds like a lovely name, so how bad could this kitten really be? Let’s take a look.

Maine The Christmas Cat Folklore

The folklore surrounds the Yule Cat, whose name is Jólakötturinn. This is not some precious little kitty, but a rather monstrous cat that terrorizes families on Christmas Eve.

According to the story, the Yule Cat is a large black cat that appears on Christmas Eve night when everyone is fast asleep, and prowls around the town.

It’s believed that the story may have started as a way of incentivizing farm workers to complete their autumn work on time, processing the wools before Christmas.

How Did the Yule Cat Start?

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The Christmas Cat of Iceland