The Best Ragdoll Cat Names

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If your kitty lives as long as Rags does, you will want to choose an appropriate name for your pet companion. 

Tips When Picking Ragdoll Names

– Front porch test - Every potential pet name must be loudly yelled from the porch before being officially bestowed on any animal. – Based on the front porch test, pick a name that is easy to say and call.

– Pick a name that will grow with your cat. For example, choosing something like “Puffball,” when the kitten is a puffball, will not be applicable when the cat is older.

– Be aware of your cat’s personality. Their behavior and habits might be a great way to pick a name, like “Snuggles” or “Wiggles.” – Pick a name that your Ragdoll can recognize; it has been reported that pets identify best with one or two syllables.

Websites for Cat Names

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Since Ragdolls are blue-eyed in color, you might find it appropriate to choose a blue-colored name like: 

– Azul – Spanish for Blue – Azzuro – Italian for Blue – Teal – Bleu – French for Blue – Sky

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Ragdoll Cat Names