The Best Grooming Tools for Long-Haired Cats

When you have a long-haired cat, grooming is a daily ritual. Depending on your cat’s personality, it can be a rewarding bonding experience with your furry companion or it can be a daily moment of penitence.

Without further ado, I will tell you about the best cat combs and cat brushes that you can include in your grooming kit.

JW Pet Company GripSoft Cat Shedding Blade

This shedding blade is an absolute must for any grooming kit because it is the ideal brush for the daily grooming routine. Its main purpose is to remove dead or loose fur, which is why it mainly works on the overcoat.

Safari Cat Comb

The Safari Cat Comb is one of the most useful cat grooming tools out there for thorough combing. It is also an excellent detangling tool because it has two sets of teeth (long and short) that allow it to take out a large amount of fur.


The EquiGroomer has a saw-like blade, which is firmly inserted into a wooden piece, which gives it a suitable weight. It also has a colored plastic coating, which gives you a very good grip.


This is a high-quality all-in-one cat grooming tool that does a very impressive job. Essentially, this long hair cat brush is a combination between a comb and a rake.

JW Pet 5-Inch GripSoft Rotating Comfort Comb

This small tool will be extremely useful when you have to deal with mats. Long haired cat grooming isn’t a chore anymore. The JW Pet Rotating Comfort Comb will help you break up the mats and remove them without damaging your cat’s skin.

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