The Best Cat Trees 

Cats love trees. These are actual entertainment centers, with scratching posts, perches, hiding holes, climbing platforms, and sleeping spaces.

-Choose according to your budget  -Choose according to your cat’s preferences  -Choose a cat tree that fits well in your home

What to look for in a great cat tower for Ragdoll

1. Size Ragdoll cats are significantly larger than regular cats. Don’t lose sight of that as you browse cat trees.

2. Quality Invest in a cat tree that is made from quality materials. Not only does this ensure that the cat tree is durable, but it will also keep your cat safe.

3. Height Ragdolls adore perching more than any other cat, so choose a cat tree that is tall enough to provide them with a good view.

Cat trees have a cube cave with two platforms, scratching poles, memory foam cushions, and a rattan ball toy.

You shouldn’t just place a brand new cat tower in your home and expect your cat to take to it instantly. 

Tips for introducing your cat to their new tower

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Cool Cat Trees