The 11 BEST Kitten GIFs That’ll Make You Laugh

You simply can’t help smiling when looking at this adorable kitten who is trying its best to stay up, but ultimately (spoiler alert!) gives up and closes its eyes, and takes a tumble on the floor.

Kitten Sleeping GIF

This kitty just might be one of the smallest and cutest things in the world. Its tiny legs suggest that it is a munchkin cat and you just can’t keep a frown around such a cutie.

Adorable Kitten GIF

This guy has deservingly become an internet sensation. Watch as he mimics his human’s every move using all of his tiny body!

Attack Kitten GIF

Sleepy kittens are the sweetest kittens, as this adorable tuxedo kitty proves. Kittens really should advertise sleep because they look so cute right as they’re about to go to fall asleep.

Tired Kitten GIF

If cats struggling to stay awake are funny, cats yawning are always so cool to see. But when the tiniest kitten does it, it is absolutely adorable.

Big Yawn GIF

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