The 10 Best Ragdoll Cat Names

Whether you just brought home your first Ragdoll kitten or have been a Ragdoll enthusiast for years, picking a name for your cat can be a challenging experience.

Here are a few ideas for adorable ragdoll cat names to help your pet stand out in the furry crowd.

Beacon or Tootsie – a name your cat can hear

Names like Beacon, Dean, Beamer, Tootsie or Patsie have a bigger chance of getting your cat’s attention, even if it may still choose to ignore you from time to time. 

Kailan – a regal name for a regal feline

Kailan is an old English word meaning “keeper of the keys”, but you can pull out your history book and dig into more names that will reflect your pet’s royal character. 

Phoebe – paying homage to the classics

At least 163 newborns were named Daenerys before Game of Thrones’ final season took a major turn.  And who wouldn’t want a friend like Phoebe, whose friendly yet aloof demeanor goes hand in hand with her loyalty and loving nature? 

Napper – to signal your cat’s unique personality

Since cats are most responsive to one-syllable names, you will most likely end up shorting the name anyway. So Snuggs, Punchy, Jumpy, or Teach will probably be the name you will end up yelling off the steps of your front porch. 

Oreo – to reflect your cat’s coating

Ragdoll cats are “color coded”. Seal, lilac, red, cream, and chocolate blue, their coat comes in a wide pallet of colors. But you recognize a Ragdoll cat by the way their ears, feet, legs and tail are usually “pointed” in a darker color. 

Cornflower – to reflect a Ragdoll’s trademark feature

Cornflower is a blue flower that blooms annually in Europe and serves as an inspiration for many legends. The great 19th-century painter, Vincent Van Gogh, included cornflowers in many of his works. 

Elpis – the personification of hope

In Greek mythology, Elpis (Ancient Greek: ἐλπίς) is the personification and spirit of hope. Elpis was depicted as a young woman, usually carrying flowers or a cornucopia in her hands. 

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