Tessa & Mitzi – Ragdoll Kittens of the Month

I’ve loved cats since I was a child, but I hadn’t heard of the Ragdoll breed until I was an adult.

Several years ago I ran across a video of two Blue Color Point Ragdoll siblings lounging on a window sill watching birds – I was instantly enamored by their beauty and relaxed personalities.

Needless to say, I was hooked. I already had an adult cat at the time who was quite territorial, so I couldn’t act on my desire to get a Ragdoll. Sadly, our beloved family cat “Baby” was diagnosed with cancer the summer of 2016 and passed away in November 2016.

I wasn’t sure I could move forward with getting another cat, because the idea of ever losing another pet was too painful. 

However, the idea of never having another cat was even more painful, so we began to search for a Ragdoll kitten. 

I decided on a local Seattle Ragdoll Breeder called “RagdollSEA”. I got on the waiting list for a blue female, as none were available at the time I inquired.  

The wait time until bringing the kitten home was 6 months. Finally a litter with blue female kittens was born in February 2017, one of which was going to be ours. 

A few weeks before we were going to meet the kittens, my husband gave me the gift of a lifetime when he suggested we get two kittens from the litter.  

He knew how much I wanted a pair of Ragdoll siblings, but I hadn’t suggested it because it was on the high end of the budget.  

I contacted the Breeder and asked if she had another female available, and she arranged for us to bring home sisters. We were getting a Blue Mitted female and a Blue Color Point female whom we would name Mitzi and Tessa, respectively.  

Mitzi and Tessa are now 14 weeks old and are sleeping soundly at my feet as I type this. Mitzi is the more dominant of the sisters, and Tessa seems content to follow her lead. When Mitzi eats Tessa eats. When Mitzi hops off the bed Tessa follows. Mitzi approaches new situations with great confidence. 

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