Snowdolls Tiffany - Ragdoll of the Week

Snowdolls Tiffany - A Chocolate Mitted with a Blaze Ragdoll Cat Hi everyone, my official name is Snowdolls Tiffany. Mummy named me after Tiffany & Co because I have a little diamond size blaze on my nose. 

I am the only one among my 3 other siblings born chocolate mitted with a blaze. I flew over from Australia with my sister Éclair, it made the scary flight less daunting flying with my sister. 

At my new home, there was already another older ragdoll cat, Snowdolls Houdini aka Harry. Harry didn’t like me at first; he kept hissing at me and trying to attack me even though mummy slowly introduced us over a week. 

It took another week before harry allowed me in the same room under her supervision, and another few weeks before mum trusted us to be together alone. Now we get along ok, we can even eat from the same bowl if need be, usually I push Harry out of the way.

Although I am the smallest among my littermates and still small for now, I have a BIG appetite; bigger appetite than Harry which means I get extra servings each meal when harry does not finish his food. 

Mummy calls me “pudgy” or “buibui” which mean “fatfat” but she is so relieve I eat like a piggy because harry eats like a bird (My biological sister who is more than a kilo heavier than me is another little piggy nicknamed Eclipse instead of Éclair). 

When I turned ONE on 3 September 2016, mummy bought me a little cake which I couldn’t eat, but I had extra helpings of my favourite raw quail and venison. I am totally raw fed and so is my brother Harry. 

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Snowdolls Tiffany - Ragdoll of the Week Story