Sheding and Ragdoll Cats

Sometimes brushing a cat regularly is enough to prevent cat mats from forming and comb out any mild ones. It’s good to establish brushing habits as early as possible in a kitty’s life before it gets harder for them to become accustomed to it.

Brushing Routines For Ragdoll Cats

How do you quantify how much a cat sheds? Ragdolls shed a similar amount to any other mid- to long-haired cat, such as American Bobtails, or breeds such as Siberians which have a triple coat.

Do Ragdolls shed more than other cat breeds?

Unsurprisingly, Sphynx cats shed the least amount of hair. They aren’t actually bald, despite their look and reputation, but their coat is extremely fine and thin.

Which cats shed the least?

You can’t stop your ragdoll from shedding completely. What you can do is work to reduce the amount they shed, so that you aren’t constantly having to clean your clothes and furniture of cat hair.

How do I stop my Ragdoll from shedding?

Because ragdolls don’t have an undercoat they don’t tend to produce much dander. Grooming your cat effectively won’t just remove shed fur but can also remove the dander before it’s deposited around the home.

Do Ragdolls shed dander?

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