Safe Plants to Have Around Cats

Howarthia (Zebra plant) Zebra plants are another beautiful succulents with triangular leaves somewhat similar in shape to aloe leaves. Instead of spots, they have stripes, which make them stand out from other similar succulents.

American Rubber Plant If you’d still like a unique addition to your indoor plant collection that has similar qualities to a ZZ plant, check out the American rubber plant.

Bird’s Nest Fern Unfortunately, there is no direct swap with the same characteristics as a monstera. If you still want a unique, leafy green plant that makes a statement, consider a bird’s nest fern to brighten up any corner of your home.

Spider Plant If you’d like to replace your potted English ivy, another beautiful light green plant to brighten up your space is a spider plant. These add a pop of color, and have a branching appearance somewhat similar in shape to potted ivy.

Money plant Another fun plant with circular leaves is a money plant. According to Chinese tradition, they are rumored to bring wealth and abundance to your household. If you’re a sucker for round leaves and don’t want to give up your eucalyptus, this fun and easy plant might help make the transition easier.

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Toxic Houseplants - Don't Bring These Around Your Cats!