Review  of Scratchy Ramp 2.0 

Packaging of the Scratchy Ramp 2.0 The Scratchy Ramp 2.0 will arrive in a large cardboard box that’s quite flat – the ramp itself folds flat.

Box Content   The box contains the Scratchy Ramp 2.0 itself and a free feather toy that comes with it. There’s also a single sheet of instructions but you’ll barely need that. It’s a really simple product, so that’s it.

Assembly Required What’s great about the Scratchy Ramp 2.0 is that it’s already fully assembled. Even the feather toy that’s optional comes pre-attached to the end of the ramp.

Size of the Scratchy Ramp 2.0 The Scratchy Ramp 2.0 is 32.5” long and 14” wide. It has two recesses in the wood which you slot the wooden bar for the ramp into, which lets you adjust the height between 12” and 16”.

Best Benefit of the Scratchy Ramp 2.0 There are some great benefits to the Scratchy Ramp 2.0, but I think the best benefit is just the main design of the product. The fact that it’s a 2-in-1 ramp and scratcher means your cats can get a lot of use out of it.

Pros of the Scratchy Ramp 2.0 – No assembly required – ready to use immediately – Replaceable carpet – no need to buy an entire new ramp each time

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Scratchy Ramp 2.0 Review