Reader Litter Robot Automatic Litter Box Review

5 years with the Litter Robot, Kristie. My kids and I enjoy it. I buy litter every two months, which is. My house NEVER smells like litter and it cleans after every use.  

These were taken when they first met the litter robot. I used some of their own (smell) litter from their old box and this introduction worked like a charm. It's the only thing they use.

I have had the Litter Robot product for 10 years now. I started out with the LR2 Bubble and I used that one for several years until I purchased the LR3. 

I needed a self-cleaning robot due to my hectic work schedule and I had tried Litter Mate's self-cleaning box but it is not made well and breaks. 

I reached out to customer service regarding these issues and they were awesome to address all of these problems. 

I have been very lucky that all of my kids took to the LR3 right away. I noticed that they love clay litter instead of the pellets. 

In terms of the color, I have the dark grey LR3 to match my décor though I think it would have been better ordering the bisque.  

I discovered that the dark grey ramp will damage with any urine accidents due to the acidity from the urine. 

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Reader Litter Robot Automatic Litter Box