Ragdoll Cat Food: The Ideal Raw Food Diet

There are several potential health benefits when switching to a raw food diet, and there’s a lot to think about, including helping any fussy cats make the change.

What is a Raw Food Diet?

A raw food diet is just how it sounds – feeding your cat uncooked animal products instead of fresh food from a can or dried foods. 

Benefits of Raw Food Diets for Ragdoll Cat Food

There are several potential benefits to a raw food diet for cats. I have to stress that these are all potential benefits. 

Raw Ragdoll Cat Food Formula Explained 

A raw food diet isn't just about meat – that's not going to provide the optimal diet for your cat.  

Raw Food Costs 

Raw food costs more than buying kibble. That’s because you’re feeding your cat a better-quality diet. 

Raw Food Options 

There are many options for buying and preparing your cat's raw food. Firstly, there's consistency. Here are the different options available for raw food consistency: – Whole prey – Chunk – Coarse ground – Fine ground – Freeze-dried topper

Raw Food Protein Sources 

Standard options for proteins that you can order online include: – Chicken – Turkey – Rabbit – Venison – Pork – Lamb – Beef – Duck

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