Ragdoll Color Progression and Development

One of the most amazing things about Ragdoll cats is their outstanding coat. It comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, but even more interesting is that the Ragdoll color progression and development are so fascinating to watch, regardless of the pattern.

Ragdoll’s color progression and development are impressive. To show you how much, we will walk you through the main changes in color that can be seen in a Ragdoll’s life. 

All Ragdoll Cats Are Born White

At the very beginning, all the Ragdoll kittens will be covered with white fur all over their bodies. Then, as they age, some parts of their fur will get colored, and the pattern will become visible. Why does this happen? The short answer is that it is all in their genes. 

How Does Body Temperature Affect the Coloration?

Most Ragdoll cats are bi-colored, and it is all due to this mutation. The fur will be darker in the areas of the body where the temperature is lower. This would include the extremities-the paws and the ears’ edges. While the areas where the temperature is higher – the torso – the fur will be lighter in color. 

Ragdoll Younglings Are Lighter in Color

Regardless of the color and the type of point of a Ragdoll cat, its color progression will differ over time. While it is a kitten, it will go from full white to white with some dark-colored areas in the extremities. Then, as the kitten ages, the darker areas grow alongside it to develop its pattern.

Ragdoll Adults Will Maintain a Steady-Colored Coat Over Many Year

When cats reach adulthood, the changes in their metabolism are fewer and fewer. After the kitten’s development period, the adult cat will reach a steady state of its metabolism and maintain it throughout adulthood. 

When Ragdoll Cats Get Sick, Their Colors Might Change

There are certain illnesses, both chronic and acute, which can cause significant changes in body temperature. For instance, if a cat has a fever, its body temperature will increase. But, on the other hand, if it suffers from kidney or liver failure, it will have a lower body temp than it should. 

Old Ragdoll Cats Get Darker in Color

When cats get older, their metabolism slows down more and more. This will generate a radical color progression, and the cat’s extremities will get even darker than they were.  

Is a Sudden Change in Color a Cause for Alarm?

Yes, it is. If your Ragdoll cat suddenly changes its coloration pattern, you should take it to the vet and point out the changes. Bring some older pictures of your cat, if possible, so the doctor can compare them.  

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