Snooze Champions: Ragdolls Take Laziness to a New Level

Cats are known to enjoy cool, hard surfaces for lounging, especially during hot weather. This unique affinity for sinks adds to the whimsical charm of our feline companions.

The Cool Cat 

Whether it's the sensation of the cool surface against their fur or the cozy confines that offer a sense of security.

Briggs in a Sink  

Have you seen your cat kneading on the blanket on your bed, its favorite toy, or even on you while you pet it? If you have a pet cat, you have most likely experienced kneading 

Sam in a Sink 

If you want to let your cat outside safely, usually installing a catio is a great way for them to enjoy the great outdoors without too much worry 

Madi in a Sink 

The Litter Genie Plus is a cat litter disposal system designed to trap the smell of your cat’s waste. Simply, it’s a waste bin for your used cat litter, and it’s the same principle as the Diaper Genie for babie 

Sam in the Kitchen Sink  

If you’re considering a new kitty, you’re probably wondering, “How much should a Ragdoll cat cost? 

Bentley in a Sink 

We get a lot of emails inquiring about what the best vacuum is for Ragdoll cat hair, aka, long haired cats. 

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