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Blue Ragdolls – A blue Ragdoll cat has a grey color on its points – ears, nose, legs, tail, and body. Sometimes they are called blue colorpoint or blue point Ragdoll. 

Blue is one of the many colors Ragdolls and other purebred color-pointed cats come in. Many people unfamiliar with types of Ragdoll cats would call a blue or a grey Ragdoll cat. 

For a blue Ragdoll’s coloring, their body color can vary from light to medium to dark brown – depending on diet, genetics, and location, the deepness of the brown may vary. Blue Ragdolls’ bellies and chests will also vary depending on their pattern. 

For example, a blue point-mitted or blue mitted Ragdoll will have white mitts on its paws, a white chin, a white chest, and a different stomach pattern. On the other hand, a blue point Ragdoll will be more uniform – with brown ears, legs, tail, body, and usually a consistent belly pattern. 

For example, a Blue Ragdoll cat or Blue Ragdolls are gray. They are gorgeous and are one of the many popular Ragdoll cat colors. 

Ragdoll cats come in colors and patterns. So the “blue” (gray) is the color, whereas the pattern can be lynx, mitted, tortie, bicolor, and more. You’ll notice that even though they are all blue, their pattern makes them look quite different.  

The blue lynx mitted has white eyeliner, a white mustache, and a pink nose. A blue colorpoint has no eyeliner, mustache, and dark nose. 

The body is bluish-white, with a cold tone, which shades gradually white toward the cat’s stomach and chest. Its points are deep blue, and its dominant eye color is also blue.  

Blue Point Ragdolls

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