Ragdoll Cats Facts

Do you know how Ragdoll cats got their name? Ragdolls earned their unusual name because these cats will go limp and relaxed when they are picked up and held. This is just one delightful attribute of these beautiful, social cats.

Here are some more facts about Ragdoll cats that you might like to know if you are thinking about adopting one!

Ragdoll Cat Color

Ragdoll cats have a very distinct look, with bright blue eyes, a semi-long coat, and fairly large bodies. Their typical coloring is a lighter-colored body with darker fur on the face, ears, tail, and legs. 

Ragdoll Cat Size and Build

Ragdolls continue to grow and their coat coloring continues to develop until they are about three or four years old. Female Ragdolls usually weigh around 10-15 pounds, and males can weigh more than 20 pounds—they are some of the largest domesticated cats! 

Ragdoll Cat Personality

Ragdolls are known for relaxing into the arms of someone who holds them—even if they are held on their backs like a baby. They have a love for their owners usually associated with dogs—they like to greet tem at the door, trail them around the house, and snuggle with them whenever they sit down. 

Where to Find a Ragdoll Cat for Sale

There are a few different places you can look to buy a Ragdoll cat: – Rescue Organization – Breeder – Websites like Craigslist or Petfinder

Wherever you're looking, it is important to ask the right questions to make sure you are getting a healthy cat with all of the correct documentation.  

A Ragdoll cat price can vary depending on where you buy the cat, as well as what expenses the breeder or previous owner has already taken care of (i.e. vaccinations or other veterinary visits). 

Ragdoll cats can make great show cats or simply great companions. They are beautiful, docile, and well suited to family life. 

To start the process of bringing a Ragdoll cat into your home, give a breeder or organization a call to start asking about their available Ragdolls and discussing a timeline! 

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