Ragdoll Cats and Where Do They Originate From?

Ever wonder about the origins of your beautiful, loveable Ragdoll kitty? Ragdoll cats have such a distinctive temperament and physical appearance,

Ragdoll Origins: Maverick Breeder

The origins of Ragdoll cat breeding are a bit nontraditional, with the first Ragdoll breeder, Ann Baker, turning away from traditional cat breeding association

The Ragdoll cat line can be traced back to Josephine, a non-pedigreed, white, long-haired Persian/Angora cat 

Ragdoll Cat Breed: Back to the Founding Cat

The litters they produced included docile, affectionate cats with the famous Ragdoll trait of going limp when picked up. 

These early litters ultimately led to Daddy Warbucks, a white-footed seal point, who was bred with Buckwheat, a brown-black Burmese-like female and the bi-color Fugianna. 

All recognized ragdolls today are descendants of these cats. Today, Ragdolls are marketed by Ragdoll cat breeders as being particularly family-friendly, calm cats, with striking blue eyes 

As a beautiful and sweet breed, these kitties make great pets and are a delight to so many cat lovers. 

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Ragdoll Cats and Where Do They Originate From?