Ragdoll Cat Size: Comparison to Other Cat Breed

Ragdoll cats are known worldwide for three things – their amazingly friendly personalities, their lavishly good looks, and their remarkably large size. In fact, Ragdolls are among the largest cat breeds out there.

How big are Ragdoll cats?

It takes approximately 4 years for a Ragdoll cat to grow to its full size. Compared to common cats and even most other cat breeds, that is a longer development period.

How long does it take a Ragdoll cat to grow to full size?

The most common breed in the entire world is the Domestic Shorthair. While this is not an official breed, it includes all the mix-breeds with a short coat. The males typically weigh between 11 and 15 pounds.

What is the average cat size and weight?

The average height of a male Ragdoll cat is 9.5″-11″ (24-28 cm) and its average body length is 18.5”-21” (47-53 cm).

What is the average Ragdoll cat size and weight?

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