A Simple Mistake Cost This Family Their Beloved Cat 

I have a tragic story.  We had a beautiful seal mitted  ragdoll named Jingles who we loved dearly. 

She cuddled, followed the kids around, brought us toys to throw, met us at the door and always went to the window at 3 pm to watch for our son come home from school.  

A few weeks ago she was tragically, accidentally poisoned. I bought a Bath and Body Works plug in air freshener (Bath and Body Works Wallflower) and plugged into an outlet 4 feet up the wall. 

It was plugged in for one hour and leaked (something it is not suppose to do). I didn’t realize until the next day that it had leaked (a few tablespoons leaked) and it landed in or near her food dish. 

By then it was too late.  I can’t even explain how emotional and horrific it was for our family with two children.  The liquid was so toxic that when I washed the area it took the paint of the baseboard. 

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