Ragdoll Cat Food: The Ideal Raw Food Diet

Switching to a raw food diet may have health benefits, but there's a lot to consider, including helping picky cats adjust.

A raw food diet is just how it sounds – it’s feeding your cat uncooked animal products instead of feeding them prepared food from a can, or dried foods.

Benefits of Raw Food Diets for Ragdoll Cat Food

Raw food for cats has several benefits. All of these benefits are possible if you feed your cat high-quality wet meals like chicken fat.

– Improved urinary health with fewer kidney issue – Improved digestion, whilst also reducing stool volume and odor – Better dental health – Improved joint health and healthy bone

Raw food helps overweight cats, too. Unnecessary carbs and other foods are added to prepared foods to bulk them up, causing weight gain.

– 80% meat – 10% organ – 10% bone

Raw Ragdoll Cat Food Formula Explained

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Ragdoll Cat Food: The Ideal Raw Food Diet