Ragdoll Cat Facts

Ragdoll cats have a very distinct look, with bright blue eyes, a semi-long coat, and fairly large bodies.  Ragdolls come in three different patterns: – Colorpoint Ragdoll – Mitted Ragdoll – Bicolor Ragdolls (Van, True, Mid High White, High Mitted)

Ragdoll Cat Colors

Ragdolls continue to grow and their coat coloring continues to develop until they are about three or four years old.  Female Ragdolls usually weigh around 10-15 pounds, and male Ragdolls can weigh more than 20 pounds—they are some of the largest domesticated cats!

Ragdoll Cat Size and Build

Ragdoll cats have a tendency to be gentle and calm, often compared to dogs (sometimes called a puppy cat) for the affection and loyalty they show their owners. They are smart cats, often in tune with the emotions of their owner, and they can be very loving and friendly, known to be lap cats that love cuddles.

Ragdoll Cat Personality

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Ragdoll Cat Facts