Poisonous Holiday Plants and More for Cats by Boris’ Mom

This year I have not given our Christmas tree a second thought knowing Boris’s destructive playfulness and his pilot’s license, the tree would be his main landing strip.

A week ago my husband surprised me with a small, live potted fir variety. I hid the plant over night among my other “casualties of Boris” plants.

I witlessly hoped the fir would survive the holidays and that I could research whether it was toxic to cats the next day.

“My furry ball of cuteness” Boris, saved me the trouble we awoke to find the tree beaten, dragged, fully plucked with feathered leaves on the living room floor the next morning.

Thankfully he was not harmed. I got down to my routine, “bent over” cleaning up his mess and like clockwork, he runs and spring boards onto my back and into the air.

I would like everyone to be aware of the dangers of some holiday decorations and plants to our beloved cats. 

If you would like to be the adventurous one try hanging the tree from the ceiling. There is no guarantees that this will work especially if your Ragdoll can fly and has a pilot’s license like my Boris.

If you’re not sure what the plant looks like Google – Image search it’s name online.

Toxic plants 

Other common holiday items which are swallowing hazards to cats: 

– Twist Tie – Ribbon – String – Pin – Staple – Rubber Band – Adhesive Tape – Cable Tie

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