Pictures of Cats Splooting: Splooting Cat- Feline Cat Lying Flat on Stomach With Legs Out

Have you heard about cats splooting? When cats lay flat on their stomach with their hind legs out, they look adorable. But what is splooting? Can all cats do it? And is it bad for them?

Let’s look into this feline relaxation position. Get ready to see our collection of pictures of cats laying down and splooting! 

What is Splooting?

If you’re not familiar with the term, splooting is when a cat lays out flat on their stomach while having both of its hind legs spread all the way to the back. 

Why is it Called a Sploot?

There is also a name for cats keeping their fore and hind legs tucked in under them. This is called “cat loaf” or “cat loafing” because they look like loaves of bread. 

Why do animals sploot?

There are two main reasons why your cat is splooting. First, when it gets into this adorable position, it is either because it wants to relax or because it wants to cool down. 

Cats Laying Down and Splooting for Relaxation

As all cat owners know, cats are incredibly flexible, so the splooting position is nothing more than stretching. It is also a very comfortable position for their backs, which is why cats love sploot. 

Splooting to cool down

When cats lay on their bellies with their fore and hind legs spread out on the floor, they could also be trying to cool down. They use this position to expand the contact area with the floor, which is cooler. 

3 Levels of Splooting

Like there are many yoga positions guaranteed to help you relax, there is also more than one type of splooting your cat can do to stretch its limbs. Here are the three levels of cat splooting: 

The Complete Sploot

When your cat has its forelegs spread out in front of it, and its hind legs stretch all the way behind itself, that is the complete sploot. That is the maximum level of relaxation for the cat’s joints, muscles, and spine. 

The Side Sploot

When one of your cat’s legs is tucked in under it, cat loaf-like, but the other hind leg is stretched out to the side, that is the side sploot. Because sometimes, your cat might have different relaxation needs in its legs. 

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