Pet Hair Resistant Bedding 

(That Actually Works) 

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Is There a Company that Makes Pet Hair Resistant Bedding?

Slashop offers a range of bedding products including duvet covers, pillowcases, sheets, and some of the best comforters that pet owners could hope for.

Their reason

Slashop was founded by two pet moms who struggled with pet fur. One of the co-founders, Sherelle Li, had a tech company background and used her experience to create fabric labs.

Their fabric 

Slashop uses bamboo and eucalyptus in its fibers, which is relatively uncommon in bedding and seen as being a potentially revolutionary option.

Their durability

Another benefit of the fabric used by Slashop is its durability. It is machine washable on cold temperatures, and it is anti-snagging too 

Buy the slashop bed sheets

Fur-resistant sheet sets 

Fur-resistant duvet cover

Fur-resistant pillowcases 

Fur-resistant comforters 

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