Bedding That Is Resistant To Pet Hair

Anyone that owns pets knows that fur can get everywhere – especially if you have an animal that likes to lounge on your bed for their own comfort during the day, or snuggle up on top of the covers at night.

Is There a Company that Makes Pet Hair Resistant Bedding? 

There are a number of companies that offer bedding that they claim is resistant to cat and dog hair. But a newer company, Slashop, might have found a solution with their new fabric which surpasses the quality of others. 

Their Reason 

Slashop was founded by two pet moms who struggled with pet fur. One of the co-founders, Sherelle Li, had a tech company background and used her experience to create fabric labs 

Their Fabric 

Slashop uses bamboo and eucalyptus in its fibers, which is relatively uncommon in bedding and seen as being a potentially revolutionary option. These materials are excellent for resisting pet hair and dander, but they’re also sustainable. 

Fur-resistant Sheet Sets 

Slashop offers a range of fitted and flat sheet sets for a range of bed sizes and in a selection of pastel shades.  

Fur-resistant Pillowcases 

Pillowcases are the key part of your bedding that you will want to keep fur-free. Check out the hair-resistant pillowcases to avoid laying your head amongst remnants of your cat’s coat. 

Fur-resistant Comforters 

Take your pick from Queen-size or King-size comforters in either Silver Moon or Morning Mist colors, and enjoy blankets that will help to prevent dust mites from settling and keep you warm without overheating. 

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