Other Commonplace Items That Can Poison Your Pet

There are many things around the home that can impact a cat's health, ranging from triggering an allergic reaction to full-on poisoning which can be fatal.

What Is Toxic to Cats? 

Human Foods That Can Be Toxic to Your Cat 

What’s safe for your diet isn’t necessarily safe for your animals. Here are some of the foods that could be toxins for your cat, or dangerous for other reasons. 

Onions, chives, and leeks 

- are all toxic to cats and kittens. Even small doses over time can cause serious health issues, with chives being the worst offenders. Keep them off your cat’s menu 


is another no-no. All forms of chocolate contain theobromine, an ingredient that humans can naturally metabolize but cats can’t. This can build up, becoming a toxin. 

Lactose products 

Various items from around your home may cause harm to your cat. Sometimes it may be hard to track the source, but you need to think carefully about potential causes. 

Many medications intended for humans are toxic to cats. Be careful not to leave painkillers like ibuprofen, or other tablets like antidepressants, in a place where your cat could get to them. 

Cat Products That Could Be Harmful 

While unlikely to cause extreme cases of toxicity, there are a number of cat products that your cat may react badly to. If your cat is showing signs of itching, irritation or other allergic reactions.

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