Cat Parent Confessions: Ever Feel Like Hating Your Pet?

Regardless of how adorable your furry buddy may be, here are 10 stories from agitated owners who are the masters of balancing love-hate relationships.

1. Litter Box Woes 

Cats and dogs are two opposites in all things until it comes to pooping. One person admitted sounding like a dog owner when they mentioned how their cat was pooping out of the litterbox without good reason. 

2. The Sushi Mishap 

We all have those days when not even a single thing seems to be going right, and to top it all off, your cat’s unwarranted behavior can be the last straw.  

3. Zoomies or Zzzz's 

Zoomies are a lovely sight till they happen during your already short-lived sleep before work the next morning 

4. Claw and Order 

Bitey behavior is not new for cat owners, but it’s hard not to dislike your cat for a second when that happens 

5. Cord Catastrophes 

Cords and cats are not friends, as many folks pointed out. One person complained how covering the cords would be of no use. 

6. Spilled Tea, Anyone? 

Now, if you’re anything like this person who mentioned having a soft spot for cats due to their childhood fondness, you might be incredibly tolerant of most shenanigan 

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