Mink Ragdoll Cats

Mink cats are simply a color of cat. Mink Ragdolls are the new thing these days and some breeders do not recognize them as legitimate Ragdolls.

Mink Ragdolls come in the traditional pointed colors, but appear richer in color. There is very minimal contrast between the point colors and the warmer areas of the body.

The eye color of the mink Ragdoll is normally aqua, which is a greenish-blue. A few minks will have the normal blue eye color. 

When mink kittens are born, they are not born white like traditional Ragdolls. The minks are born with color at birth, and it darkens some with age. 

When one sees a mink they are immediately taken by the richness of the coat coloration.  

The cat, Caety Cathlijin, pictured above is located in Holland, the owner is Gemma C.C.M. Smulders. Isn’t she gorgeous? She is a sepia color.  

Sepias occur when two mink cats are bred together. Sepia colored Ragdolls normally have gold or green eye colors, but Caety has the normal aqua colored eyes. 

Other Ragdoll Patterns and Colors

– Blue – Chocolate – Cream – Lilac – Mink – Red or Flame – Seal – Solid – Tortie

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