Litter Boxes for High-Spraying Cats

IMPORTANT - this article discusses cats who aim high when peeing in their litter boxes, not spraying due to hormones.

Does Your Cat Need a Tall Litter Box for High-Spraying? 

Has your cat only high-sprayed once, or is it becoming a habit?  Is the cat's litter pan clean? 

Best High-Sided Litterboxes for Large Cats 

If you have a high-spraying cat, you need a different type of litterbox to accommodate your cat. Again, there are plenty of options you can choose from. 

How Do I Know if It's Tall Enough? 

Measure your cat’s height - from the floor to where they eliminate. Then account for at least 2 inches of litter (or however much you use). 

1. Use a Storage Bin as a Litterbox 

2. Doggy Bathroom 

3. Smart Paws Litter Box 

4. Horizon Poly Products Kat Kave Litter Box 

5. The Frisco Jumbo Covered Cat Litter Box  

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