Best Litter Boxes For High Spraying Cats 

Did your cat only high spray once or it is becoming a habit? If your cat is normally a squatter, but it peed high, then you have to see if it happens again. If it was just that one time, then it might have been an accident or maybe your cat is protesting.

Is the cat's litter pan clean? Sometimes cats protest when their litterboxes have buildup and are not cleaned as promptly as they would like to.

Is another cat using its litter box? If you have two felines using the same litter box, one of them might retreat to the clean areas remaining to do its business.

Is there anything wrong with your cat's legs? If your cat is suddenly peeing high, then it might not be able to squat, as it normally does.

Use a Storage Bin as a Litterbox We have found it is one of the best litter boxes for messy cats. It is easy to find and it meets all the requirements for her tall cat.

Can I teach my cat to stop peeing high? If your cat has always been a high-sprayer, then you should probably get a litterbox that accommodates its habits instead of trying to change its urination process.

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Litter Boxes For High Spraying Cats