Is Your Cat's Obsession with Adhesives  More Than Just a Habit?

My cats also love adhesive on tape (and I let them have at my Scotch packing tape to get a few photos for this post – but usually I have it closed up in a drawer that they can’t get to).

Here’s a short rundown on why your cat might be addicted to tape, why you should be careful, and how to try and break them of this habit.

Why Do Cats Eat Tape?

A possible root cause of a tape addiction is pica, a the condition of cats eating inedible objects. Cats can develop pica if they are weaned to early. 

They develop the habit of sucking on inedible items like wool or other fabrics, and more extreme cases can involve eating things like plastic (or tape). Tap the link below to see few other possible causes for cat pica. 

Reasons for why cats eat tape could vary, and it’s always good to check in with your vet, especially if it’s a habit they develop suddenly. 

Is Eating Adhesives Dangerous?

In a word, yes. The problem is the possibility of intestinal blockage. Cats often throw up things they can’t digest, but not always, and a case of intestinal blockage because your cat swallowed a piece of tape could be life-threatening and costly. 

How Do I Stop My Cat From Eating Adhesives?

Your first step should be to talk to a vet to make sure your cat isn’t showing signs of underlying cat health problems, but then you can focus on keeping your cat away from tape. 

Keep the adhesives away 

Try your best to keep tape or other adhesives out of reach of your cat – for example, don’t let them in the room when you are wrapping gifts! Try using other options, like twisty ties, whenever possible. 

You can also talk to your vet or an animal behaviorist for more insight into how to deal with a cat who loves adhesives. 

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