Is Your Cat Is Pregnant? How Can You Tell

Cats can become pregnant at an age as early as 4 months. Similar to humans, cats display periods of peak fertility, when they can get pregnant. This is commonly known as being in heat. This occurs about once every three weeks. During this time, the cat's behavior is noticeably different.

The gestation period for cats varies between 61 and 72 days, but the typical pregnancy lasts 63-67 days. Keep in mind that the signs of pregnancy do not occur as soon as it starts.

In the very beginning, the cat will not display specific signs of pregnancy. The early signs a cat is pregnant can be seen starting the second or even third week of pregnancy.

When the cat is 15-18 days into the pregnancy, its nipples become enlarged and red. This sign is commonly referred to as "pinking-up".

During the first stage of pregnancy, the cat will display symptoms similar to morning sickness in women.

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How Can You Tell If Your Cat Is Pregnant?