Is My Ragdoll Cat Is Lonely? How to Know

Everyone is familiar with the cat stereotype: they are proud, solitary animals who can keep their own company…or are they?

While cats do generally do well as solitary pets, some Ragdoll cats do get lonely if their owner has long working hours, and would really benefit from a little companionship.

There is a wealth of knowledge about cats and loneliness from pet owners, and experts also point to some signs to look for if you think your cat might be lonely. Here are a few things to consider if you are wondering if your Ragdoll kitty needs a friend.


– becoming aggressive or dominant with you, particularly when you are getting ready to leave the house. 


– signs of anxiety could include fear of loud noises or strangers visiting, as well as excessive grooming, which can be a cry for more attention. 


– communicating unhappiness at your departure with loud vocalizations. 

Marking and Destruction 

– moving or wrecking household objects while your gone, or squatting and spraying – leaving feces and urine in obvious places while you are gone might be your cat’s way of conveying their unhappiness. 

Potential Pitfalls of Getting Another Pet

It is also possible that if your cat seems depressed, another animal could add to their stress and anxiety rather than alleviating it. Sometimes cats do not respond well to a new pet to share their owner with.  

Introducing New Cats

If you truly think that your cat is lonely and wanting a companion, try to set up situations where you can see how they do around other cats or pets; see if you can “borrow” a friend or family member’s cat for a day. 

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