Is a Pet Life Jacket Real?

Life jackets for cats can help to make sure your kitty stays safe in the water, giving you peace of mind while you enjoy your boating trip.

Is a Pet Life Jacket Real? 

Yes, a pet life jacket is a real thing. A lot of pet owners like to take their pets to the lake, or on a sailing trip. However, not every pet is the strongest swimmer. 

Do Cats Need Life Jackets? 

It’s wise to buy a cat a life jacket if you’re planning on taking them near any body of water that they can’t stand in, or that doesn’t have easy access to an edge or short on all sides within a couple of feet. 

Do Cats Like Being on Boats? 

Asking whether all cats like being on boats is like asking whether all people like being on boats. Every cat, just like every person, is different. Some would absolutely detest spending any time on a boat. 

Cat Life Jacket Options: 

– Easy to see – if your cat struggles in murkier waters you want to be sure you can find them easily – Easy to pick up – many have a handle or hook, so that you have no trouble lifting them out of the water as they swim – A good fit – this doesn’t just mean tight – it needs to be close-fitting but it can’t restrict their movement. If your cat can’t swim because of the life jacket, then it’s no good.

Queenmore Ripstop Life Jacket 

The Queenmore life jacket comes in a number of sizes, so make sure you find the one that’ll best fit your cat. It’s made from a breathable mesh and a floating polyester so it won’t constrict your kitty. 

Haocoo Life Jacket 

If you want a little more flexibility with your life jacket options, this Haocoo choice is available in nine different variants and seven different sizes, although many of those are suited to larger dogs.