IKEA Cat Tree Makeover

So we put together a few pieces from the old trees to make a sort of step, which has helped a lot and made them less, "Minion, its too high, pick me up so I can oversea my land or I will meow for hours until you do!"

What made us decide to do it was that being such large and heavy cats, nearly all cat trees we've looked at or previously had just didn't last in the long run.  

Cat trees suitable for Ragdolls tend to be extremely expensive, and we just didn't want to put money into something that most likely would only last a year or two.  

We did some research and we found a website called Ikea Hackers, where people had put together various cat trees, beds and the like and shared them.  

We originally thought of using a soft material like a bath mat or a door mat of some sort but realised they would be hard to keep the cat hair from sticking to them too much.  

They were short pile and really hard feeling. Yes the cat hair would have slid right off but I wanted the cats to have a little comfort  

We originally were going to hot glue the carpet tiles to the tables, which is perfectly fine, but in the middle of the carpark to get the tiles, I had an idea.