How to Wrap a Cat for Christma

In 2014, I did a video of how to wrap a cat for Christmas after a popular YouTube video showed a lady wrapping her cat for Christmas. 

The lighting on that video was poor, so I wanted to redo it. This is a joke and just something fun 

I do not recommend you wrap your cat for Christmas - unless you think they'd enjoy it and have fun with it. 

So, the reason the whole thing in 2014  happened was because there's a popular video on YouTube, or there was at that time, of a woman wrapping her cat for Christmas. 

Alright, so first, you want a piece of wrapping paper that's big enough to wrap around the cat, just like you would box.

So, we'll put Caymus in the middle. See if he'll lay down. I'll link to the video of him in 2014. The lighting was terrible but he's a pretty complacent, submissive cat. 

Okay, if you can get the cat the lay down in the middle and then wrap his tail around, bring the backside up first and then bring the sides over. 

This is kind of a thicker paper. Newy, I don't wanna cut your tail so I'm gonna do that side first. All right, so we'll wrap that under and tape it up. 

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How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas