How to Stop Cat Biting and Why it Happens

First off, biting is instinctive behavior for cats, so you should never expect that you will train your cat to stop biting. What you can do is to train your cat to stop biting people.

There are several types of situations during which cats resort to biting. Each of these is tailored to its cause.

Cat love bites vs Cat warning bite

Love bites are a unique way of showing affection, which should be cherished and appreciated. These are more nibbles than bites.  

Sometimes when petting a cat, even if it looks like it is enjoying every moment of it, you may be surprised to get bitten suddenly. This type of bite is a warning that you should stop petting the cat. 

This type of bite is a warning that you should stop petting the cat. This happens because cats get can get overstimulated when they are petted, which turns it into an unpleasant and maybe even painful experience for them. Their response is a warning bite. 

To distinguish love bites from warning bites, all you have to do is pay attention to the cat’s behavior as you pet her. If you notice that it is getting agitated, if it is moving its tail, or making long meowing sounds, then you should look out for the warning bite.  

On the other hand, if your cat is excited, rather than agitated, then you may be getting one of the good love bites. 

How to Stop It

It is not up to you to decide when a cat becomes sensitive to your petting. What you can do to avoid warning bites is to pay attention to the cat’s behavior. If you notice it becoming increasingly agitated, then you should probably stop before you get bitten. 

As for the love bites, enjoy them, but if they turn from nibbles to something more painful, then it may be time for you to put an end to it. Even if it springs from something positive, it is very important that you stop your cat every single time it bites you. 

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