How to Know if a Cat Breeder Is Reputable: An Interview with Bette Willette

As many of you know, there are a lot of Ragdoll kitten scams on the Internet.  Sometimes the scam is a broker selling for multiple unethical breeders or sometimes it is a complete scam.

–  where someone uses Ragdoll kitten photos of other people’s kittens, pretends to “sell them” by having an excited potential owner put down a deposit, and then that person loses their money as well as their hope for that kitten when they discover it was entirely a scam.

Thank you to Bette for taking the time to do this interview with us.  Thank you, too, to Bette, for sending me fun, legitimate photos to include in this interview.

What are some things to look for and ask a breeder?

How many cats do they have? How long have they been breeding? Why are they breeding ? Do you cage your cats? Does a licensed veterinarian do your medicals? How many cats do they have? How many boys? Does the boy have his own room, or is he in a cage? 

What are signs of a good Ragdoll cat breeder?

Absolutely… Breeding for the love of the breed. Breeding for health first and foremost. Even beautiful cats can be sick. Having a clean healthy environment for the kitties. Providing proper nutrition and medical care. 

What are signs of a bad Ragdoll cat breeder?

–  Ask questions and compare breeders …If a breeder does not answer your question or avoids the email don’t buy from them.  – Overcrowding, not testing for disease/DNA testing. Excepting deposits without any communication whatsoever.

– All parents should be interviewed before excepting any deposit. – Shipping kitties all over the world without knowing what kind of life they will have. I think this is a bad greedy breeder. I would rather sell a perfect kitten as a pet knowing that cat has a great life. Then to sell for thousands of dollars to a total stranger.

When it comes to the price of a kitten – what do you want to look for? Should certain color patterns cost more?

Perfect kittens always sell for more. There is a set price. It should be listed on the website – black and white crystal clear, no games. 

Is it important that a breeder belong to FIFe, CFA and TICA? Or just one of them?

Absolutely, breeders should register all the kittens. We are members of TICA so when my kittens leave they leave with their registration in the envelope along with medical paperwork and things pertinent to the kitten’s life along with proof that the kitten has been spayed/neutered signed by my veterinarian surgeon.

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