Cats and Christmas Trees: Best Methods for a Stress Free Tree

There are a lot of ways to make sure that your cat can safely enjoy your Christmas tree with you. Check out these different factors to consider when planning how to cat proof your Christmas tree!

#1 Real or Artificial Tree?

While neither are great for your cat if they start munching on them, real trees are actually a bit more dangerous. So you need to make sure this is completely inaccessible to your cat. You can also try putting tin foil around the trunk to deter climbing if you have a kitten. 

#2 Tree Height

Shorter is better! A tall tree crashing down with a kitty in it would be much more catastrophic. You could also try doing some smaller trees safely sitting on tabletops out of reach instead of one big tree. 

#3 Anchor the Tree

Cats are notorious for loving to climb Christmas trees, so you need to make sure your tree is secure by using a sturdy base and possibly even tethering it to a wall or ceiling with hooks and fishing line.  

#4 Location, location, location

Make sure the tree is in an open space – away from any shelves or furniture that your kitty could jump from. You could even try using a small table as a base for a larger tree just to put it a little out of your cat’s reach. 

#5 Ornaments

Avoid dangling the ornaments in front of them to play with – this will encourage your cat to see them as toys! Try to decorate using more cat-friendly ornaments – especially at the base of the tree. 

#6 Lights

Lights can be another source of danger, so make sure you tape down any dangling wires. You can also find some Christmas tree lights that shut down if they are damaged, which would reduce the risk of a chewing kitty getting shocked. 

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