How to Find a Good Ragdoll Breeder

Do they meet the requirement checklist? Aside from being an authorized Ragdoll breeder, it is essential that the person you choose to get your cat from is able to show you official proof of the cats' identity as a Ragdoll.

Are the cats happy in the pictures? Spotting stressed cats on a breeder's website is certainly not a good sign. No matter how adorable the kittens may be, the adult breeding cat photos will say a lot too.

Here are a few things that you can do: – Look for complaints – Analyze review – Spy all the way by looking for negative feedback specifically - type the breeder's name and words like "bad", "scam", "sick".

Remember Adoption  If you want your very own Ragdoll cat, buying one from a breeder is not your only option. There are so many Raggies out there that you can adopt.

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How to Find a Good Ragdoll Breeder