How to Avoid Cat-Astrophe at Your Next Dinner Party: 12 Tips

Here are 12 essential etiquette rules to ensure your human and feline guests enjoy a harmonious and stress-free dinner experience.

Mindful Introductions 

When guests arrive, avoid the urge to let your cat rush toward them. Some cats are shy or anxious around new faces. 

Secure Valuables 

Cats are curious creatures, and your guests' belongings may pique their interest. Before the gathering, secure any valuable or fragile items that your cat might knock over or damage.

Provide a Safe Space 

Create a designated safe haven for your cat during the dinner party. Ensure your kitty can access food, water, and a litter box in a quiet room. 

Allergen Alert 

Alert your guests about potential allergies to your cat. If any attendees have known allergies, inform them in advance about your cat's presence. 

Proper Feeding Time 

Feed your cat before your guests arrive. Hungry cats can be tempted to sneak onto the dining table or beg for scraps.  

Guest Etiquette 

Educate your guests about cat etiquette. Remind them not to feed your cat human food, as certain ingredients can be harmful. 

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