How Do Ragdoll Cats Act When You Put Up a Christmas Tree?

When asking Floppycats’ readers about their experiences with putting up Christmas trees in a house full of cats, we received a variety of responses.

Some owners find their cats indifferent to the whole thing, while others end up in a whole heap of trouble when their cat decides to take up residence inside the tree.

Some of our readers have cats that attack the tree, attempting to knock it over. Choose a sturdy base that does not move easily. 

One of the biggest issues with Christmas trees is the ornaments. Avoid going with glass ball ornaments that are shiny. These items resemble cat toys and you may find your cat drawn to trying to knock them down or chew on them.  

Perhaps you’ll find that your cat treats the Christmas tree like a cat scratching tree. He may not be able to tell the difference at first. 

There are some sprays available that when used, make the surrounding area temporarily unpleasant to the cat. Otherwise, use your usual techniques for setting boundaries.  

You’ll also want to take it easy on the lights for the Christmas tree to avoid any problems as some cat owners report that their pets like to chew on wires. 

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