Cat-friendly Hotels in the US

Cats are generally OK if you leave them at home for the day if you work or have to run errands. While every cat is different, most will enjoy entertaining themselves for a few hours.  

Some people will prefer a pet sitter, a friend, a family member, or a professional to come into your home and make sure your cats are doing OK, spending quality time with them. Others might prefer a boarding cattery. 

But why not take your cat with you? Many hotels allow cats worldwide, and while dogs are sometimes prioritized, many welcome cats.  

Cat-friendly Hotels in the US

In their own words, every family member, whether “furry, feathery or scaly,” is welcomed at no extra charge, no matter their size. The group has 78 boutique hotels, 63 of which are in the US. Cats are even greeted by name when you arrive. 

– Kimpton Hotel

There are luxury Loews Hotels across the US that will make you and your furry friend feel super-welcomed. Litter boxes and litter can be provided if you’re traveling light. 

– La Quinta

You don’t always want to splash out on a luxury hotel, and a Red Roof Inn offers excellent value accommodation for you and your cat. There’s no charge for pets, but you’re only allowed one in your room (additional pets may be permitted at the manager’s discretion). 

– Red Roof Inn

If you want a boutique experience, a Provenance Hotel might be your style. There aren’t as many to choose from – just 14 locations across the country – but they offer a really warm welcome to pet owners, with a selection of toys and treats waiting in your room and a list of local pet resources that you might need during your stay, including groomers and emergency veterinarians. 

– Provenance Hotels

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