Holiday Alert: Watch Out For Plants Poisonous to Your Cat

With the ever-present excitement of the upcoming holidays, it's easy to forget that this time of the year can be dangerous for cats. 

This is because some of the plants used for holiday decorations are poisonous to felines. 

What follows is a list of plants you should not keep around your house if you own cats: 

Holly (and Rosemary) - These plants can cause extreme gastrointestinal upset, drooling, lip smacking, and continuous head shaking 

Lilies - Gorgeous flowers, but if your kitty were to take a couple of bites, he may experience acute kidney failure, which can result in death.

 Mistletoe - Can cause gastrointestinal upset if a small amount is consumed and ataxia, seizures, hypotension, and death in higher doses.

Most of us can identify Easter lilies just by looking at them. They're the beautiful, trumpet-shaped white ornamental flowers that are very popular this time of year. 

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Watch Out For Plants Poisonous to Your Cat