Giardia in  Cats

Giardia intestinalis (also known as G.lamblia or G. duodenalis) is a water-borne parasite that can infect all mammals. Giardia in cats is a serious illness, that can move from humans to cats and from cats to humans (zoonosis).

What Is Giardia?

How does Giardia affect cats?  This parasitic disease is associated with diarrhea and chronic digestive and metabolic disease.

- Diarrhea - Weight loss - Digestive symptom

What are symptoms of Giardia?

How Does Infection with Giardia Occur?

Infection occurs when the host (cat, human, or other mammals) ingests Giardia cysts with: – Contaminated water – (Less commonly) Contaminated food – Via direct fecal-oral contact (unwashed hands).

The inflammation in the intestine and the improper digestion lead to diarrhea, which has a particularly foul smell because the food has not been fully processed in the digestive tract. 

What happens if Giardia in cats goes untreated?

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