Does Your Cat Cross His or Her Paws?

Caymus, one of my parents’ Seal Mitted Ragdoll cats, always crosses his paws when he lays down.  I absolutely love it.

Do your cat cross his or her paws?  If he or she does, is it always left over right or right over left?  I think Caymus is usually left over right, although I cannot be for sure.  Is this Ragdoll cat behavior or just cat behavior?

I’ve asked readers to submit photos of their Ragdoll cats with their paws crossed – here are some great pictures of Ragdoll cats with their paws crossed! 

Molly, 12 year old Ragdoll, with paws crossed. Loved by Sue 

Ragdoll Cat Dolly Fitzgerald with Paws Crossed. Loved by Gina 

“Ms Cede taking a nap, had a very busy morning.” Loved by Sharon 

Perry with his feet crossed, loved by Debbi 

Bailey Griggs, feeling contemplative. 

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